iPhone 7 iOS will bring what surprise?

Thursday, February 25th, 2016
iPhone 7 iOS 10

iPhone 7 iOS 10 Concepts guess

According to the technology Web site TechRadar reports in December 17, 2015. As Apple’s tradition, we will meet the new iOS 10 Apple after six months, with nearly ten years to build a kingdom of high technology, I believe this time it will bring us a milestone version of iOS, iOS 10 will bring us what kind of surprise?
Although the time of iPhone 7 release and upgrades are no longer a mystery, but its new features we are still unknown.
The latest rumors said that the design of iPhone 7 will be subversive, its interface should also give us a surprise. Here’s what we expect and some speculation on iPhone 7 iOS.

The Compatibility of iOS 10

Till now, iOS 9 still supports iPhone 4S and iPad 2 which are quite old types of Apple products. However, iOS 10 may not supports these two products released five years ago. It’s time to let them have a rest, right?

Siri and Voicemail

Refer to new features, we immediately think of Siri, which is already a common thing. This time Siri will be endued with Voicemail function, it makes her a real personal assistant. The first rumor of iPhone 7 iOS is about Siri which can tell the others the reason why users can not answer their calls, in addition it can turn Voicemail message into text, user-friendly to read. According to reports, Siri Voicemail is part of iCloud Voicemail, we can just regard it as an enhanced version of the recorder.

The Growth of 3D Touch

As the most typical feature of iPhone 6s series, 3D Touch technology refresh the logic of iPhone’s interaction, with the increase in the number of supporting software, and it should also add more features, the most important of which is the innovation of control center. Apple may change the original slide gesture to pressed, simplifying the logic of interaction again. Also there are rumors said that Apple will cancel the Home key on the iPhone 7, because 3D Touch can almost replace the role of it.

Multi-user Support

On iOS 9, Apple brought us the split-screen multitasking mode, and enhanced the support for Bluetooth keyboard. However, in the multi-user support issues, Apple still indifferent, As we all know that this function already appeared on Android. After the iPad Pro release, this multi-user support should be on the agenda, after all, as a productivity tool, people may use it a lot.

Touch ID

Touch ID on iPhone 6s series is really fast as lightning, many people just want to have a look at their iPhone notice , it unlocked before they have seen. In addition, due to the big screen, accurately holding the Home key becomes more and more difficult, whether Apple will modify this unlocking mechanism? double-click is a good idea to wake on Android phones, or as the rumors mentioned whether Apple will put the Touch ID on the screen?

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The Subversive Design of iPhone 7 and iOS

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
iPhone 7 design new iOS

iPhone 7 design new iOS

With the coming of new year 2016, the focus of the mobile phone industry— Apple new iPhone 7— has once again aroused people’s attention and expectations. This year will be the moment of iPhone “transfiguration” , and we can basically determine iPhone 7 will have a new change in appearance. In addition, although there is a long time before iPhone 7 releasing in September or October, at the moment the rumors of iPhone 7 is almost everywhere, this article is intended to focus on summarizing these rumors and expectations.

New Ceramic Material Back

First change on the appearance of new iPhone. Begin with iPhone 4, double glass and metal frame has become a classic; Then iPhone 5, metal body has become a model of many phone brands; From iPhone 5 to iPhone6s, metal body apply in four generations of iPhone products, so, will iPhone7 continue to adhere to apply in this aluminum metal body?
It’s even said that iPhone7’s body back will be possible to use a new type of ceramic material, but at the moment about the new ceramic materials have no more news and rumors, of course, the cancellation of the “white line” on body back may be one of the changes in iPhone 7 appearance.

Without 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The other rumor has been paid more attention lately is iPhone 7 will cancel standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, its make slim body design easier, as its headset may be support by the Lightning interface accessory. It’s the same as the cancellation of the USB interface on the MacBook, but apparently it will bring some trouble issues, such as how to listen to music with headphones while charging iPhone 7 with a mobile power?

Dual Cameras— Wide-angle Lens and Telephoto Lens

There is also a bold guess that iPhone 7 Plus will apply dual cameras. Dual cameras include a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens that support 2 to 3 times optical zoom. For Apple, the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with such a dual camera design is still doubtful, unless Apple does not have enough confidence to change their appearance. Till now many Android brands have some models equipped with dual cameras for a long time, and there are no significant benefits, or Apple has more revolutionary optimization? If not, then in Apple style, it should not be designed like this.

Other Interesting Rumors of iPhone 7 Design

There are also many other interesting rumors of iPhone 7 design, including iPhone 7 the ultra-narrow border, no border design and the cancellation of the Home key etc.. Meanwhile, there are also iPhone7 new color rumors, and perhaps only iPhone 7 Plus will add new color to make iPhone 7 Plus different with iPhone 7.

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